Innate Path

Innate Path is a psychedelic psychotherapy clinic and research organization providing treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD (complex trauma), and other mental health conditions.

We currently have a wait-list and are not listing our consultation request form.
Please email to be put on the wait-list.
Also, we are not accepting out-of-state clients at this time.

We have enacted policies that allow you to be safe while continuing your work at Innate Path.

1) We have moved our integration and support groups to an online format. You can also conduct any non-drug assisted psychotherapy sessions online as well.

2) Because of the 2 hour session length of our drug assisted sessions and spacing between clients, we typically see a maximum of 4 to 5 clients in a room on any given day. We have a clean policy where we wipe down the treatment chairs and surfaces after each client, and you can bring your own eye shades, blanket & pillow from home. See our blog post for a more detailed discussion of our Covid-19 safety policy. 

Innate Path is Open

Read about our coronavirus safety policy:

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There is a revolution taking place in mental health away from symptom suppression and management towards dealing with root causes using psychedelic therapy. Diving into the depth of the subconscious mind through altered states of consciousness yields access to a person's core programing in ways we cannot touch with talk therapy. Contact with your true self, with your own innate healing intelligence, is profoundly transformative. Learn about how we are using ketamine and cannabis assisted therapy for this.

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We are aware of the level of support people need when they engage in psychedelic healing. We have put together five different groups designed to provide integration and support between your psychedelic sessions. These groups are facilitated by our staff, you are surrounded by a community of peers going through a similar process, and there is no cost for clients. These groups include: DBT, art therapy integration, restorative yoga, women's movement, & a peer discussion talk therapy group. Our goal is to make sure you are well supported during your time with us.

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Innate Path is dedicated to adding to the scientific literature and validating the use of cannabis and ketamine assisted psychotherapy for mental health. We gather psychometric data on every patient we see as part of a formal program evaluation. We are dedicated to fine tuning our therapeutic interventions and publishing our findings for the benefit of clients and the field of mental health.


We combine cannabis or ketamine with a specialized form of non-ordinary state psychotherapy to work with your core subconscious programming.