Innate Path Team


Jen Fiser LPC

Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Instructor - Broomfield CO

Jen served as the supervisor and clinical director for Innate Path for three years and was instrumental in developing the model of psychedelic psychotherapy used at the clinic. She now heads up the Innate Path Psychedelic Psychotherapy training, offers individual and group supervision and sees clients. Her education  includes Buddhist psychology, somatic psychotherapy and group process, with work experience as a teacher, supervisor, group process leader, meditation instructor and therapist in private practice. Her interests are mainly in making psychedelic and psychedelically-informed care accessible to as many people as possible because it offers much needed solutions to a system that often does more harm than good. Areas of particular interest are adolescent health, trauma prevention, impactful solutions to addiction and forming high level community-wide conversations. 

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Andres Zambrano LPC

Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Instructor - Denver CO

Andrés graduated from Naropa University with a Master’s Degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy. Andrés has a holistic approach to psychotherapy, rooted in the belief that healing is most effective if it addresses the full range of the human experience, including body, mind and spirit. His perspectives on healing stem from his personal work in different wisdom traditions of the world: Andrés has received training in shamanic traditions of South, Central, and North America. He completed his yoga teacher training in India, studied massage therapy in Thailand and has practiced chinese martial arts for several years. Additionally, he worked for three years as a wilderness field guide in a wilderness treatment program with and emphasis on addiction. Andrés is devoted to being an unconditional support for his clients, walking beside them as they heal their deepest wounds and rediscover the wisdom of their body along the way.

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Aviva Bannerman LPC

Psychotherapist, Instructor - Boulder CO

Aviva graduated from Naropa University with a Master’s Degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, she currently offers somatic psychotherapy, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, cannabis-assisted psychotherapy, and psychedelic integration sessions. Her work centers around your experience, helping you move more deeply into your feelings, inhabit your body more fully, and process unconscious material that’s been keeping you stagnant. Aviva encourages her clients to get comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to process difficult past events, which can lead to more freedom in one's life. Aware of the strong healing capacity of psychedelics, she feels passionate about the movement toward psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and honored to assist clients on their unique journeys toward health and well-being.


Lyndsey Lyons LPC

Psychotherapist, Instructor - Boulder CO

Lyndsey works with individuals and couples looking to explore more depth and connection in their lives. They specialize in sexuality, healing attachment wounds, and psychedelic integration and support. While expanded states of consciousness can facilitate profound healing, Lyndsey believes that it’s channeling the wisdom of these states into embodied connection with ourselves and others that offers lasting healing.

Practitioners in the Wider Innate Path Community

The practitioners within the Innate Path community are independent therapists and coaches committed not only to supporting clients in healing, but are also dedicated to their own personal work. They train, discuss and experience for themselves the landscape of the subconscious through their own psychedelic psychotherapy sessions. This means they know, through their own experience, the fears, the overwhelm and the blocks their clients run into in the course of healing. To learn more or to find support go directly to their personal websites to read more and contact.


Parad Meier LPC

Psychotherapist - Denver CO

I believe in the influence of therapeutic affinity and relationship and welcome you to engage with me in a process where we work to free you from old, stuck patterns, symptoms and triggers, and move towards growth, flexibility, and finding your authentic, adult self. I love working with people who are ready to address anything from extreme and persistent childhood abuse, to attachment wounds; from systemic abuse such as racism or discrimination to one-time traumatic events; or perhaps you’re not sure if you have “trauma”, but something just feels off about the way your past is following you into the present or the ways you relate to substances, relationships, codependency or other addictive behavior that are no longer serving you. I look forward to our journey together.


Aaron Galloway LPC

Aaron received his Master of Arts from Appalachian State University, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor. Aaron is trained in Somatic and Attachment Focused EMDR, Gestalt Therapy, and trauma-focused psychedelic assisted therapy. Aaron's specialties include trauma and stressor-related disorders, anxiety, depression, substance use, and relationship/attachment challenges. If you're interested in learning more, please check out his website. 


Monica King MA LPCC

Monica King is a Somatic Psychotherapist specializing in trauma and resilience. She has been working with individuals and groups in the tradition of Curanderismo for 20yrs in the US and Mexico. Her integrative therapy style includes ancestral guidance, nutrition, herbal teas, energy work, and/or dream analysis. She has been initiated in several indigenous traditions of healing, and blends both Western mental health perspective and ancient healing modalities. She is passionate about working with members of the BIPOC community, serving teens and adult clients dealing with issues around identity, diversity, sexuality, power/privilege, family systems, and intergenerational trauma.  


Laura Lovato PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist - Denver CO

Laura Lovato is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxiety, trauma, relational concerns, and chronic pain. She is passionate about supporting the growth of other healers- providing supervision to therapists and teaching medical and physical therapy students. She works from a personalized approach, using a combination of somatic, emotion, and mindfulness-based techniques to help her clients connect with the messages of their bodies so that they may recognize and meet underlying needs. Through the exploration of current patterns and true desires, she helps her clients let go of insecurity and uncertainty and instead confidently pursue what makes them feel alive, aligned, and connected.


Julian Royce MA LPCC

Psychotherapist - Boulder CO

Julian holds a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling as well as a Masters in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies from Naropa University. He currently works as a trauma informed psychotherapist, meditation teacher, coach and is the host of A State of Mind podcast. He loves helping people to access their own innate wisdom and healing capacity and works from a non judgmental space that supports the individual in their own unique process and life. His clients often report greater feelings of aliveness, meaning and confidence in handling life's many challenges. 


Hannah Buzzo LPC LAC

Psychotherapist - Summit County and Denver CO

Hannah Buzzo is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) specializing in the treatment of trauma, addictions/substance use, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and relationship concerns. Hannah implements modalities that combine traditional and alternative approaches in order to help clients maintain long lasting changes. Hannah's goal as a therapist is to create a non-judgemental space for clients to begin the work that allows them to move past what holds them back and into lives and relationships they truly love. Hannah sees clients in Summit County (Silverthorne), and Denver.


Nicole Sylvestre LPC

Psychotherapist - Longmont CO

Nicole is a somatic psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner. She has a psychedelically focused private practice, and is a psychotherapist for the MAPS Phase 3 trials studying (and legalizing!) MDMA assisted psychotherapy for PTSD. She holds a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy from Naropa University and has a decade of post-graduate training in various holistic healing modalities that address healing through the lens of body, mind, and spirit integration. She is passionate about guiding clients through the psychedelic experience as a way to help them remember the freedom, sovereignty, and divinity that is their birthright.


Gabe Schneider LLPC

Psychotherapist - Golden CO

Gabe is a somatic-based trauma therapist that graduated from Naropa University with a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Clinical Counseling.  Gabe led a high-risk Men's CBT Trauma Group, as well as a relapse prevention DBT/Mindfulness Group in Boulder, Colorado before training with, and then joining the Innate Path Psychedelic Psychotherapy team in 2019. Gabe opened his private practice, Conscious Flow Psychotherapy, LLC, while co-founding the Nirodha Therapy Group in November 2020 with Aleya Littleton. Gabe believes that psychedelics are, and will continue to play a huge role in transforming psychotherapy, helping people heal and understand themselves at a deeper level, This can allow our authentic selves to run the show, heal, and flourish. Using these medicines such as Ketamine and Cannabis in conjunction with cutting-edge modalities and treatments, outdoor/nature therapy, nutrition, and  emphasizing on strengthening connection with one's self and community provides each client the best opportunity for healing and growth. 


Aleya Littleton LPC

Psychotherapist - Golden CO

Aleya Littleton, MA, LPC, is an adventure and psychedelic somatic therapist in Golden CO. She specializes in trauma treatment and the use of medicine, nature and the outdoors for healing. A climbing guide, public speaker and therapist educator, she was featured on The Three Day Effect, and in Outside Magazine