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Rediscovering the Innate Paths to Healing through

Psychedelic Psychotherapy

A Different Approach to Mental Health:
Strengthening the Psycho-Spiritual Immune System 

One of the most common things we hear from people seeking psychedelic therapy at Innate Path is that after years of therapy and medications, they are left with a belief that they have failed therapy. The cause of their continued suffering ranges from not responding well to meds or beliefs that they haven't worked hard enough to change their habits or they cannot be helped the way others can, etc. Many are nervous about using psychedelics but are turning to them as what they often call their 'last chance'. 

We say to that: you have not failed and you are not broken. You may be exhausted and feel hopeless, but that is primarily due to the failure of western medicine to offer real solutions and in failing to do so, have made things worse. And not surprisingly after explaining how and why this is true, most people say they have already known this. We know this. 


Mental health, as a field, has historically failed to identify the actual cause of our widespread dis-ease and therefore have failed to treat it properly. Additionally that failure often leads to blaming, directly or indirectly, the person suffering, adding quite a bit to their burden.


Psychedelics, take us in a different direction. They offer us reliable access to our subconscious, which in turn puts us in contact with ourselves in a way, we as an entire culture, have suppressed. When using psychedelics with appropriate support and encouragement we can quickly begin to see the intelligence of our symptoms, the necessity of our experiences and the richness of our emotions. Psychedelics offer us a tangible path to not only access the source of our suffering, but give us a direct connection to the mechanisms of healing which are innate within us.


Just as our immune system is brilliant at managing foreign invaders and just as our bodies are brilliant at healing wounds, our emotional bodies, our consciousnesses and our spirits are also brilliant in healing traumas, limiting beliefs, programming and wounded relationship patterns, and in turn restoring a sense of strength, connection and authority over our lives.

expression vs. suppression? removing the obstacles to psycho-spiritual health creating a trustable, resilient immune system.

The Innate Healing Mechanisms
of the Subconscious Mind and Body

Body: Resetting the Emotional Body and the Nervous System

- releasing fear, dissociation and powerlessness held in our muscles and nervous system

- easing past threats to allow the feeling of blocked emotions

- integrating overwhelming memories

- revealing underlying ease, alertness and power

Mind: Restoring the Flow Between the Conscious and Subconscious Minds

- building mindfulness of mind, finding the witness, the Self

- understanding and resolving internal conflicts and compulsion in thought

- finding psychological cohesion and congruence

- restoring trust in the mind after trauma

Spirit: Experiencing Connection to Self and Source

- uncovering a lost connection to self and others caused by trauma

- transpersonal experiences revealing a larger reality

- recovering a sense of feeling at home in the universe

Relationship: Healing our Human Wounds and Cultivating Right Relationship

- corrective experiences to heal attachment wounds

- engaging defensive patterns in relationship to self and other

- resolving inner conflicts created by negative or dissociated parts

- relearning right relationship through consent, non-coercion and sovereignty of the Self

Cannabis and Ketamine both offer reliable access to both the subconscious and the body. Most therapists listed on the Innate Path Practitioner Community offer both cannabis and ketamine assisted sessions. 

Experiential Psychedelic Therapy Groups
for Mental Health Professionals and Students

Like meditation, psychedelic therapy requires the instructor or therapist to have their own practice. Ideally therapists in this field develop mastery as well. What does that mean? We believe it means cultivating a frame and a discipline of self exploration and healing. There are many difficult moments in healing when the therapist will be called on to know the terrain and hold the space. This is the future of mental health and in many ways asks much more from the therapist than before. To support this emerging, maturing field we feel it's helpful to find practice in community and cultivate a strong theoretical frame.  


To those ends Innate Path will begin offering Theoretical Practice Groups for mental health professionals and students (separately), an 8 week study group model using ketamine and cannabis therapy sessions, process groups and theoretical training days. The focus will be on the personal process of the therapist which we feel is the essential back bone to this work.

The Model:

An 8 member cohort will meet for 8 weeks (each group member will pair with another for the course of the group)

- 2 days theoretical study

- 1 weekly ketamine or cannabis session/pair  (instructor guides one person through a session with partner observing)

- weekly whole group discussion group

Next 'Professional Group' begins May 8-9, 2021and runs for 8 weeks

cost: $2,480 (payment plans available)

Next 'Student Group' begins February 6-7, 2021 and runs for 8 weeks

cost: $2,480 (payment plans available)

Innate Path Team
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Innate Path practitioners are therapists committed to not only supporting clients in healing, but are also dedicated to their own personal work. They train, discuss and experience for themselves the landscape of the subconscious through their own psychedelic psychotherapy sessions. This means they know, at least through their own experience, the fears, the overwhelm and the blocks their clients run into in the course of their own healing. 

This is not the old medical model of patient-therapist. It is a mutual journey of subjective experience. Just as each client must step into their own power and sovereignty, each therapist must as well. There is no one path but we all need to know how to discern and trust the paths as they show themselves. That trust and discernment comes from walking it.


Values held by Innate Path practitioners:

Knowledge through experience

Ongoing learning through community 

Please visit our Team page and read each therapist's comments. Contact the therapist that best resonates with you

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