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Services & Costs

We offer various therapy programs that use a body-focused healing model and holistic approach to treatment.


Our pricing is simple: $185 per hour for all sessions.


In our experience, depression, anxiety, trauma (complex PTSD and developmental trauma), addiction, bipolar disorder and other mental health conditions are not simple. They do not have a simple magic pill fix nor are they due to random genetic or biochemical factors. There is strong research data informing us that these conditions arise when people have gone through highly stressful or traumatic experiences, particularly in childhood. Formative experiences that you may not consciously recall have the power to shape your entire life. This means that healing, not just coping but actually healing, from these conditions takes much more than a pill. Healing requires a nuanced, human relational experience, opening doors that you might not have even known existed, feeling and allowing your entire system to process what was hidden. Healing requires your engagement as well as our clinicians willingness to join you in whatever emerges in the psychedelic therapeutic process.


We have various programs available geared for the different level of therapeutic support people typically need to recover – please contact us for a free consultation and an opportunity to explore what program works best for you. Additionally, if you already have your own therapist who you want to continue working with, we are happy to collaborate with your pre-existing mental health support.