Experiential Psychedelic Study Groups  
  for Mental Health Professionals and Students  

A Living Classroom ...

The single most important aspect to successfully mastering the art of psychedelic therapy is the personal experience of the practitioner. To gain skill one must seek a subjective knowledge of the inner terrain. A strong theoretical frame is important as well, but the real revolution presenting itself is a paradigm shift from the Self as the problem to the Self as the solution. 

Psychedelics are not pills that take away symptoms; they are allies to help us express the innate intelligence of a system that needs attention. A strong psycho-spiritual immune system can heal itself. Knowing that first hand is the key to effectively supporting clients. We as practitioners need to know how this works from the inside out. That is the core teaching of this training. 

We ask that anyone considering joining one of our groups to consider this carefully. We promise to support you in this exploration primarily by showing a path to access your own power. 

Part One: Theoretical Framework

2 full days


To begin the group we will spend 2 days where:

  • dyads will be chosen

  • sessions scheduled

  • structure will be communicated

  • theoretical framework outlined

The theory presented during the didactic training portion of this practice group is drawn from somatic psychotherapy, Buddhist psychology and meditation, parts work, transpersonal phenomenon and ceremony. In the clinical setting at Innate Path we have trained and supervised clinical staff and worked with hundreds of clients. Over the years we have learned a great deal about the pitfalls, the necessary supports and the trajectory of treatment and growth and healing that can come from this paradigm changing work. 

In short our theoretical approach to psychedelic therapy is to look through the lens of strengthening the psycho-spiritual immune system by contacting the innate healing capacities within the body, mind, spirit and through relationship.

DAY ONE                                                                DAY TWO

Establishing the container and engaging personal process.           Mind

Relationship                                                                         *ego, default mode network, programming

 *right relationship: consent, non-coercion, sovereignty                   *parts work, the witness/Self

 *attachment/transference                                                        *dissociation

 *healing in the human realm                                                     *congruence and authenticity

Spirit                                                                  Body

 *re-sourcing and Self                                                              *emotional memory

 *ritual                                                                                   *the body as a crucible

 *transpersonal experiences                                                       *touch and attachment

   such as past lives and other realms                                           *intimacy and sexuality                                        

Part Two: Cohort Model Study Group

Weekly whole-cohort discussion groups: 

8 members, 8 weeks, 2 hour group


The need for community when working with your own process and the process of clients cannot be stressed enough. Groups have become difficult spaces for most people in our world and isolation is one of largest influences on poor emotional health. Psychedelics offer us access to core wounds, unavoidably, which is exactly what we need if we are going to relieve the suffering of our modern day minds. But with that access comes intensity, instability, vulnerability and sometimes fear. It will take a community of practitioners to hold this together. 

In these study groups we will meet weekly for 2 hours to offer each other support and discussion around the sessions we experienced or witnessed. The insight of others, the sharing of our experiences and the corrective experience of a group where vulnerability is honored will be an important part of the overall learning in this training. 

It will also be fun and there will be snacks.


** We will offer two separate levels of groups: Professional and Students

Part Three: Personal Practice through Dyadic Sessions

1 session per dyad/week with a total of 8 sessions

4 sessions as an observer

4 sessions as participant

This part of the study group is the grist for the mill. Each week one person from each dyad will be led through a cannabis or ketamine assisted session. Both cannabis and ketamine offer reliable access to the subconscious Self and therefore can illustrate nicely what other psychedelics can do as well.


The sessions run 2 hours and can be likened to initiating a lucid dream state. Only this time with you'll not be alone, your body will remain online, you will have a knowledgable guide with a therapeutic frame, a frame designed to help identify and heal inner conflicts, emotional blocks, traumas and negative programming. 


Each session will be led by an instructor allowing you, through personal experience, feel the layers of experience discussed in the theoretical weekend. 

The other member of the dyad will observe, hold space and notice how the energy effects. The counter transference that arises even from the observer, is rich information in adds to the process for both the observer and participant. These sessions will then be shared in part at the group discussion expanding the conversation around theory.

Journals will also be given on the first weekend to record theory and experience. 

** Note: the participant will need a ride home from the session.


Next Groups:

Student Group

Beginning the weekend of February 6-7

then continuing weekly for 8 weeks

Ending the week of March 29th

Professional Group

Beginning the weekend of May 15-16 

then continuing weekly for 8 weeks

Ending the week of July 5th

We welcome therapists, nurses, teachers, body workers and feel this experience is beneficial to anyone feeling pulled toward psychedelic work. Please email with any questions. 

Please let us know if you would like to be contacted about the next groups.
Be sure to indicate whether you are a professional or student.

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