Experiential, Cohort-based Psychedelic Training 
  for Psychedelic Therapy Practitioners and Students

A Living Classroom ...

The single most important aspect to successfully mastering the art of psychedelic therapy is the personal experience of the practitioner. A good psychedelic therapist is someone committed to their own inner work. Psychedelics, like meditation, remind us that true knowledge comes from our experiences. To know the full power of what psychedelic therapy can heal, we need to experience that healing for ourselves, learn how to work, not just with love and expansion, but with resistance, darkness and our own fears. Familiarity with our own suffering and how to transmute it gives us grounded confidence in our work with clients. 


We also need to build strong connections to our community. In a world seemingly full of trauma, it’s important to recognize that we cannot hold all of this alone. Many of us have tried and gotten overwhelmed, burnt out and lost in hopelessness our client’s may feel while processing trauma. 

This field is just beginning to take shape and we get to shape it.

Part One: Theoretical Framework

2 full days


To begin the group we will spend 2 days where:

  • dyads will be chosen

  • sessions scheduled

  • structure will be communicated

  • theoretical framework outlined

The first weekend covers the theoretical frame of the class. We will drawn from somatic psychotherapy, attachment, Buddhist psychology, meditation, parts work, transpersonal phenomenon and ceremony. We will include many clinical examples drawn from our clinical work at Innate Path where we have trained and supervised clinical staff, led groups and clients primarily with a PTSD diagnosis. We will also cover the pitfalls, the necessary supports and the trajectory of treatment, growth and healing that can come from psychedelic therapy. 

We will organize the class through the lens of our innate healing capacities within the body, mind, spirit and relationship. These topics will be discussed in more depth over the weeks in relation to our experiences.

Day One Topics (overview):

Relationship (attachment, trance, holding unconditionally, Self and other)

Spirit (resourcing, transpersonal realm, ritual)

Day Two Topics (overview): 

- Working with Mind and Consciousness

- The Body as Ally and Change Agent         

Part Two: Cohort Model Study Group

Weekly whole-cohort discussion groups: 

8 members, 8 weeks, 2 hour group


The need for community when working with your own process and the process of clients cannot be stressed enough. Groups have become difficult spaces for most people in our world and isolation is one of largest influences on poor emotional health. Psychedelics offer us access to core wounds, unavoidably, which is exactly what we need if we are going to relieve the suffering of our modern day minds. But with that access comes intensity, instability, vulnerability and sometimes fear. It will take a community of practitioners to hold this together. 

In these study groups we will meet weekly for 2 hours to offer each other support and discussion around the sessions we experienced or witnessed. The insight of others, the sharing of our experiences and the corrective experience of a group where vulnerability is honored will be an important part of the overall learning in this training. 

How the groups are organized:


There tends to be a new set of questions and certainly a greater range of experience when we have spent years in the field. Our reason for separating the groups according to this experience is to make the groups as relevant as possible to each member.

Professional Group: 

For anyone interested in, or already engaged, in psychedelic therapy who has been practicing professionally. 

Student Group:

For anyone interested in, or already engaged, in psychedelic therapy who is still a student or in an internship level position. 

Part Three: Personal Practice through Therapeutic Dyads

1 session per dyad/week with a total of 8 sessions

4 sessions as an observer

4 sessions as participant

This part of the study group is where the heart of the training lies. During the first weekend you will be paired with another group member to participate in a weekly therapeutic dyad. The dyads are led by one of the instructors at the Innate Path office. Each week, for two hours, one person will receive and the other observe a therapeutic psychedelic experience using either ketamine or cannabis. Both drugs create a non-ordinary state of consciousness and offer reliable access to the subconscious. You will be able to experience and observe to lend depth and expand the theoretical framework from the first weekend.

In psychedelic therapy, the foundation of the practitioner's knowledge is their own experience and practice. These dyads will offer skills to engage and deepen your personal process in the context of therapy.

Journaling to keep a record: We will be giving you a journal to record of this experience. If you would like to choose your own feel free.

Upcoming Group:

Beginning the weekend of June 12th-13th 

then continuing weekly for 8 weeks

Ending the first week of August

Group Forming:

October 2021, specific dates TBD

If interested, please fill out the form below and indicate interest in this group

8 week groups are $2,480, payment plans available, just ask.

All practitioners working or with interest in working with psychedelics are welcome, Including:
therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, teachers, energy/body workers, etc. 

Please email jen@innatepath.org with any questions. 

Please let us know if you would like to be contacted about the next groups.
Be sure to indicate whether you are a professional or student.