• Jen Fiser LPC

Podcast Interview: Clinical Director Jen Fiser Sits Down with Shawn Dinkel

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Psychotherapist, podcaster and former Innate Path client, Shawn Dinkel, interviews our own clinical director, Jen Fiser. Shawn notes on The New Directions for Life Podcast: "We discuss the burgeoning psychedelic craze for the treatment of a variety of mental-health related disorders (note: for those who want to jump right to the conversation it begins at 21:25), including the vast differences with using psychedelics in varied contexts (for example: recreationally, ceremonially, or therapeutically), and the differences between using compounds like ketamine in a clinic where you are simply administered the drug (which is the most common way it’s being used as a treatment currently), versus as an adjunct for trauma-focused psychotherapy (as it is being used at Innate Path). We also touch on some of the dangers and ways of mitigating the risks of unintended consequences and harm when using psychedelics in varied settings and the importance of having proper support in the event one chooses to undergo such a therapeutic adventure.

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