• Jen Fiser LPC

Jen Fiser & Edward Levy. Trauma, Psychedelics and Saving a Life.

Updated: Jan 10

Today I welcome a client and his therapist. This is the story of how these two people met, began working together, and of how one's life was saved.

Jen Fiser MA, LPC has most recently been the clinical director at Innate Path, a Denver-based psychedelic psychotherapy clinic specializing in PTSD, for three years. She was instrumental in developing the model of psychedelic psychotherapy used at the clinic, a model utilizing the healing pathways inherent within the embodied subconscious.

Jen leads an experiential, cohort-based model of training, through Innate Path, for professionals who are working, or are interested in, the field of psychedelic therapy. The main goal of the training is to deeply engage each practitioner in their personal process as the foundation of the knowledge needed to be an effective psychedelic therapist. Jen’s educational background includes Buddhist psychology and somatic psychotherapy, with work experience as a teacher, supervisor, group process leader and meditation instructor.

Ed was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1940, and shortly thereafter my family moved to Manhattan. There were three more moves to different suburbs of NYC and finally back to Manhattan, where he lived away from his family. Ed later found Vermont and sought sanctuary there for many years.

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