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Resource: Body Scan Audio

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Body Scan Audio

During these uncertain times, many emotions and thoughts can feel overwhelming. There is a speediness of our thoughts and minds that is common during times of emergency, such as this pandemic.

It is important to find time to pause, slow down, and to focus on the present moment whenever possible.

I have found it helpful to have a daily practice such as meditation, a workout routine, or a relaxation technique to help decrease the symptoms of anxiety and stress.  For me personally, when anxious, I can find it difficult to sit in meditation for an extended period of time. My mind keeps returning to "monkey mind", drifting away into daydreams. or to-do lists, fears, etc. Body-scan meditations have helped me stay in the present moment, following another person's voice, while bringing awareness to parts of our body.

A short body-scan can be short (around 10 minutes), or can be as long as an hour. These guided body-scans are helpful first thing in the morning, before bed to help the body and mind slow down, and during times of high anxiety, or overwhelm.

There are also many free guided meditations, body-scans, and yoga nidra videos on youtube for free that can be helpful.

Thank you and stay safe!

~Gabe Schneider  MA, LPCC

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